November 2nd, 2017 - Proto-Alpha Prototype Version 0.100

Hi everyone, and welcome to the fifth Development Log for our Naramon project!

First of all, sorry for the delays of the post of this Development Log. Anyway, in this Development Log, we have uploaded the Proto-Alpha Build 0.100 of Naramon to this page, which you can try it out by downloading it on the Download section of our game page!

Unfortunately, there's still some problems with this build. We still can't get our character selection code/mechanisms to be exactly like what we want (we want the spirits to spawn in the same position as the human, but as of now they're still separate entities who act independently between one and another), and there's the switch code bug. 

With the switch code bug, there are switches located on the map that are activated by jumping on top of the switch. If all switches have been activated, it should lead to a moving platform that goes up and down that allows access to the second portion of the Proto-Alpha build's level. Unfortunately, for reasons currently unknown, the platform doesn't move after all switches have been activated. We will try to fix this ASAP.

Oh by the way, you can look at the tutorial by pressing E on the sign that appears just to the side of you when you started the game!

And I guess that's going to be it for the fifth Development Log from us! Hope you'll like this Development Log that we're created!


Naramon Proto-Alpha 14 MB
Oct 30, 2017

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