October 27th, 2017 - Proto-Alpha Build Coming Soon!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the fourth Development Log for our Naramon project! This is going to be a short Development Log, but it's an important one. That's because we're going to reveal our Alpha prototype build for our game next week! 

One thing to be certain is that don't expect that this build is going to be good. Since this is our first big project together, we expect ourselves to ran into problems such as bugs, weird interactions between Game Objects, etc. And that's exactly the one thing that we need you to help us solve. If you find any bugs inside the game, don't forget to post a comment inside one of our Devlogs (preferably the 4th one or the upcoming 5th one) so that we can fix this problem once the full game is released!

And I guess that's going to be it for the fourth Development Log from us! Hope you'll like this Development Log that we're created!

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